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“Our vision is to transform a businesses’ relationship with its people through internal relations and marketing; disrupting traditional thoughts about HR; launching our profession into a new genesis.”

Why We Are Different

The digital economy today requires a fundamentally different HR strategy in order to meet business goals. HR is not an isolated function but the overarching center to how every business operates and brands itself as a company.

WHY? Because of PEOPLE. People execute business strategy; creating success or failure. Today’s workforce has needs different than generations past and Companies are struggling to keep up with their new workforce.

SOLVHR systematically fixes gaps in human capital issues by using internal marketing embedded practices rather than relying solely on traditional HR solutions.

Careers and skills are changing

Labor intensive jobs have changed with the advancements of technology. Careers and skills are geared towards applied sciences.

Employee work life experience has evolved

Employees expect companies to provide more flexibility, work-life balance and an internal culture that aligns with their views.

Performance management is expected

Performance management is becoming more standardized and expected. Feedback has a high impact on business goals and employees want regular feedback.

Leadership must keep pace with trends

Leaders are not keeping up with the change in their workforce. They haven’t addressed their needs and struggle to develop emerging leaders.

HR needs to use technology

Manual HR processes and traditional employee engagement practices are inefficient. Adopting technology enables better productivity.

Workforce is more diverse than ever

With multi-generational workforces and political issues such as immigration, companies are finding it difficult to bridge the gap in the styles and needs of their employees.

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