Sally Allen, Author + IFC

Employee Relations Coach/Leadership Coach
“It’s never too late to start living resiliently!”

Hello! I help our clients with employee issues and advise leadership on how to build culture, motivation, and engagement. I conduct several types of employee and leadership workshops such as Harassment + Discrimination, Diversity Equity + Including, Mental Health and Leadership.

I have spearheaded comprehensive employee training and development programs and created a global mentoring program for one of the world’s largest gaming companies. I have coached dozens of executives and countless mid-to upper-level management leaders. I worked alongside leadership in a decades-long corporate career spanning Aristocrat, Ernst & Young, and Jefferies Group.

I am a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a John Maxwell coach. I am an Author, Podcaster, and Resiliency speaker. I love using my story to help people believe in themselves and live empowered lives. Respected as a credible coach and leader, I earn a seat at the table wherever I serve.

Over the years, my passion for empowering women led me to volunteer in many organizations, including a women’s county jail in New Jersey, Purple Wings, Cupcake Girls, Big Brother Big Sister. I am currently volunteering my time at Hoving Home and Refuge for Women.

I have been fortunate that my passion for helping others has allowed me to travel to many places like Peru, Ireland, Mexico, and Cambodia.