Small Business Compliance Challenges

diverse group of business people working together at a small officeSmall businesses are not immune to the challenges of compliance. With new regulations and laws constantly changing, it can be difficult for even the most diligent business owners to stay on top of all their responsibilities. This article will cover some common small business compliance challenges and how you can overcome them.

What Does Compliance Mean in Business?

Compliance is the act of adhering to the rules and regulations established by a particular organization. When it comes to a small business, compliance is crucial as it helps maintain the balance between profitability and risk management.

A business that is not compliant will suffer from fines and penalties levied upon them by regulatory agencies. These fines and penalties can be quite hefty and may even result in shutting down your business altogether.

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Compliance Challenges

Small businesses in the United States are subject to various regulations and laws that they must comply with to operate legally and avoid penalties. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant financial and legal consequences for small businesses. Here are some compliance challenges small businesses often face –

Employee Classification

Employee classification challenges are a common problem for small businesses. While it’s important to classify your employees correctly, it can be easy to make mistakes. For example, if you hire contract workers, they may not be classified correctly and could also face penalties.

Determining Independent Contractors

Determining whether you have an employee, or an independent contractor can be a tricky thing. There are no hard-and-fast rules for determining whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor, but there are guidelines that can help you make the determination.

  • Are they required to work at a specific time? If so, this may indicate that they should be considered an employee.
  • Do they have their own tools and equipment? If so, this may indicate that they should be considered an independent contractor.
  • Does the company provide training? If so, this may indicate that they should be considered an employee.

Wage and Hour Laws

Wage and hour laws are a significant challenge for small businesses. These laws set the minimum wage and limit employee work hours each week.

You, as a business owner of a small enterprise, might be confused about the precise nature of your company’s compliance with these rules. Before bringing on new staff or implementing schedule changes for existing members of your team, familiarize yourself with relevant wage and hour laws to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines and other penalties.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Ensuring workplace safety is a top priority for any business. Consequently, it is in your best interest to provide a safe working environment free from the threat of harm to your employees.

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Accommodating Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that all private and public sector entities in the United States make all reasonable efforts to accommodate people with disabilities.

While many businesses are aware of their obligations under the ADA, some may not know exactly how to meet those obligations and still follow other laws. For example, some employers might be unaware that they must provide reasonable accommodations for employees who have been injured on the job or who have other physical limitations that require special assistance from time to time.

Small businesses need to consider what steps they should take to accommodate employees who have disabilities or ensure compliance with both laws and best practices for employing individuals with disabilities.

Discrimination Laws

Other aspects of running a small business can be more challenging, such as finding the time to manage employee relations. However, discrimination laws are something that every small business needs to be aware of and able to comply with. Discrimination laws are challenging for small business owners but are not insurmountable.

Compliance affects every aspect of running a business. And many small businesses lack the personnel and resources to comply with the numerous regulations they face daily. That’s why it’s so important that small businesses feel empowered to ask questions and seek advice. When looking for HR services Las Vegas we are your best option — SOLV HR offers services tailored to your needs and goals. Call us now!

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