Author: lfsuser

The Complexity of Hiring People for Your Business

June 29, 2016

Let’s face it, interviewing and hiring employees are not the most glamorous responsibilities for any business owner. However, it may be the single most important task a business owner can do; none-the-less “do right”. Many business owners don’t have a plan when they start the recruiting process. This is a problem because bad hires cost […]

Help I Haven’t Written A Resume In Years

October 11, 2014

This week I received an email from an executive who thanked me for helping him redesign his resume. He wrote that after we completed his resume, he sent it to a company, got the initial interview and eventually was offered a job as a Corporate Executive Chef. You can imagine how excited I was for […]

Why Human Resources Is the Centerpiece of Every Business

September 19, 2014

Although HR professionals have come a long way in asserting ourselves as a strategic business partner, this idea is still a fairly static and an unchanging belief. Some businesses embrace this concept; some businesses give it the least priority, but every business should hold their Human Resources as the centerpiece to their organization. Recently, a […]

Are You Paying Too Much or Too Little?

July 09, 2014

Last week a colleague asked me what the salary range was for a particular management position. I respectively asked, “What is making you question the position’s salary range now?” She answered, “Because the candidates I’ve interviewed say that the position’s salary is too low for the industry.” After comparing salary ranges with other colleagues in […]